Adil Siddiqui

Hey there thanks for popping in here. I'm Adil Siddiqui. A UI | UX Designer by profession. This is the place where I put up most of my personal work that I do for fun and to learn :) Hope you like them. Cheers!
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  • [GIF] Cutting Chai

    I’m working on a personal project where I have decided to make a simple illustration of the 10 Street Food that I love eating in the City of Dreams, Mumbai.

    Also i’m trying to make a small animated video for it, this is just a simple preview.

    Check out the animation with Sound

    Excited to share a personal side project that I have been working on whenever I could take out time from office, freelance and other commitments. It has something to do with the city of dreams, Mumbai.

    Stay tuned :)

    Wishing you all a Happy Friendship Day :D

    Made this today morning for Friendship Day and for a Special Friend :)

    EID Mubarak :D

    Today is Festival of peace, hope it brings lots of happiness for all of us :)

    I’m also working on a series of small illustration based on this style, can’t wait to share it.

    Thank you :)

    It has been about 4 Months since I designed my first ever font and because of all your love and support it has been featured on different blogs, forums and people have mailed me to use it for their projects. Now it has got more than 2500 views and close to 1500 downloads and counting.

    Again you can download this font from HERE. Its  FREE ;-)

    Plus I recently posted this project on Behance as well.

    Thank you :)

    I had no idea what to do with my life until I discovered my hidden Designing Powers :p

    I had too much fun making this ;-)

    And yes I forgot to mention I have started a Behance account, where i’ll be posting work related stuff. Thanks for all your support :)

    Artist Hand

    A small mistake was pointed by a friend on this old design, corrected it :)

    Art prints, T-shirts and other products available at Society6

    You see straight through me.

    Accept it, most of the people that come into your life will see straight through you and thats ok. There will be few who will truly understand you and stand with you those are the ones whom you should hang on to.

    Inspired by What If from Coldplay. For Music challenge :)


    Wanted to try / learn minimal face designing.

    So tried designing my face based on how my office colleagues define my expressions while i’m Designing or Coding. Clearly shows what I love doing :-)

    Also made a silly gif out of it for fun.


    Looking at all the selfie craze around the web and social media platforms I got this idea.


    Wanted to give a surprise to my friend on her birthday, after many bad ideas that I got I decided to draw a portrait of her. It took time as its always difficult for me to draw, but in the end it was worth the effort :D

    She also has a tumblr page, if you want to have a look Click here

    And tumblr just told me this is my 100th post :D

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